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New Colours Match. IDEAS. NEW COLOURS. While doing a multi-colours friendship bracelet (sorry for the untidy background with all the colour codes for different bracelets. Only I can understand. lol), I found out a few colours...

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Friendship Bracelet Patterns - Blue Gradient Arrow PatternFriendship Bracelet Patterns - Blue Gradient Arrow... This friendship bracelet patterns is one of my favourite. It is hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in gradient shades of blue, black and white color. The length of the woven area is approx....

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Colours in your BraceletsColours in your Bracelets What a day! Making a new friendship bracelet today, the colours of the bracelet that I matched looks ..... not the look that I want. Matching colours is important in making a friendship bracelet. People...

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Friendship Bracelets - Rainbow Arrow PatternFriendship Bracelets - Rainbow Arrow Pattern   These friendship bracelets are hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in rainbow color. The length of the woven area is approx. 6" (15cm), 0.8" (2cm) width and the total length is approx....

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I created this site to blog and diary my crafts as and when I have a new workpiece.

I wish I will have more visitors of the same interest and hopefully to make friend with them and exchange ideas.

A little about myself

My name is Kim. A mother to 2 adorable sons that always brighten my everyday. They are also my inspiration to my workpieces.


I am a craft lovers. I love trying on different kinds of craft work.

  • Cross-Stitch

Cross- stitch is the very first craft I started on. I still remember the first cross-stitch work piece I did was a small pencil case. Slowly, I started to look for simple patterns and made bags or framed up the pictures as birthday gifts. The biggest project I did was my wedding photo in black and white.

  • Crochet

I love crocheting the most. I pick up this skill from a old gypsy lady. She is a fortune teller. She was crocheting a sling bag when I asked her curiously: ” How you make that bag just using a little hook and thread?” Without second thoughts, she started to teach me. From there onwards, I love crocheting.

  • Friendship Bracelet

I started doing friendship bracelets since I was 12. My friends loved it and I started making for them as a gift and also to resemble our friendship. Recently, I came crossed this pattern called “Kumihimo” pattern. Kumihimo is a method of braiding silk threads developed in Japan which is traditionally performed on special wooden stands called Maru Dai and Takadai. The literal translation of kumihimo means the “coming together (kumi) of threads (himo)”. And now you don’t have to carried the wooden stand for making this pattern. There is a braiding disk that made of foam, light and easy to use it. I will introduce you more patterns on my blog.

Thanks for visiting my site and please leave me a comment or suggestion on my post if you like my works.


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