Crochet Workshop for Beginner

Crochet Workshop For Beginners

Have you ever dreamt of creating beautiful and unique handmade crochet items? Do you admire the intricate patterns and textures of crochet creations? Now you can. Learn this rewarding and therapeutic craft with our crochet workshop for beginners!

Through this workshop, you will learn the basics, step-by-step. You’ll learn everything you need to know, from holding the hook and yarn to crocheting simple patterns and creating adorable projects you’ll be proud of.


This workshop is designed for absolute beginners, so no prior crochet experience is required. Just bring an open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to learn. Most importantly you must have the passion to learn, because we believe that passion leads to your success.

Class size for this Crochet Workshop

To ensure that each student receives the personalized attention they deserve, we’ve kept our class size small. Maximum of five participants. This intimate setting allows our instructor to provide hands-on guidance, address individual questions, and foster a supportive learning environment where everyone feels comfortable and confident.

In this small-group setting, you’ll have ample opportunity to practice your crochet skills, receive feedback, and troubleshoot any challenges you may encounter. Our instructor is committed to helping each student succeed and will provide the personalised attention needed to develop their crochet mastery.