Rabbit Friendship Bracelet Pattern

After making so many friendship bracelets, I find my skill has improved. My next course is to create my own bracelet pattern.

There are mainly three types of bracelet patterns : –

– The Alpha Pattern,

– the Normal Pattern and

– the Kumihimo Pattern.

In my opinion, alpha pattern is easiest to create and easiest to follow (using two colors). You can create pictures and alphabets for alpha pattern.

Kumihimo pattern is braided on a kumihimo wheel or disc instead of flat, and the bracelet will be in round instead of flat. For kumihimo pattern, as long as the threads are placed at the correct slots and the exchange of the threads are correct, the kumihimo bracelet will looked like what you expected. The most complicated pattern will be the normal pattern ( It don’t really looks normal!). There are a number of knots you need to know before you started to make them.