Crochet NS Bear Bouquet – Navy


A beautiful handmade crochet bouquet featuring a crochet amigurumi Navy bear, with 2 crochet hearts and a stalk of Hydrangea flowers.

You can customise your flowers and wrapping to suit your preference. Contact us for how to customise.

This product requires pre-order, lead-time : 5 working days

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NS Bear Bouquet: A Heartfelt Tribute to Navy Boys' Passing Out Parade

As your valiant navy boy embarks on an extraordinary journey as a guardian of the nation's seas, express your pride and admiration with this Crochet NS Bear Bouquet – a unique and heartwarming token of appreciation that embodies their unwavering commitment, courage, and dedication to serving their country.

A Symbol of Strength and Resilience

Clad in a dashing navy uniform, this crochet bear stands as a testament to the strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit that navy boys possess.

A Token of Gratitude and Affection

The vibrant crochet Hydrangea flowers and the pair of crochet hearts convey your heartfelt gratitude for their dedication, hard work they have made.

A Handcrafted Keepsake

This meticulously crafted bouquet, a symbol of fine craftsmanship, will serve as a cherished keepsake that they will treasure for years to come.

Personalize Your Bouquet

Want to infuse your gift with a personal touch? You can contact us to personalise your bouquet. You can select from a variety of crochet flowers and wrapping paper colors that reflect their individuality and preferences.

Honor Their Branch

Pay homage to their chosen path by adding crochet flowers that represent their specific branch of service.

Order Your NS Bear Bouquet Today

Get this gift that truly captures the essence of their remarkable journey and the unwavering commitment they have made to their nation today.

For more information and to customize your personalised bouquet, please contact us. Simply quote the description of the product or copy the URL in your inquiry. We will promptly respond to your request within two working days.

Note: Our crochet bear bouquets are 100% handmade, requiring a lead-time of at least 5 working days for production. Avoid last-minute ordering and changes.

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