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New Colours Match. IDEAS. NEW COLOURS. While doing a multi-colours friendship bracelet (sorry for the untidy background with all the colour codes for different bracelets. Only I can understand. lol), I found out a few colours...

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Friendship Bracelet Patterns - Blue Gradient Arrow PatternFriendship Bracelet Patterns - Blue Gradient Arrow... This friendship bracelet patterns is one of my favourite. It is hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in gradient shades of blue, black and white color. The length of the woven area is approx....

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Colours in your BraceletsColours in your Bracelets What a day! Making a new friendship bracelet today, the colours of the bracelet that I matched looks ..... not the look that I want. Matching colours is important in making a friendship bracelet. People...

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Friendship Bracelets - Rainbow Arrow PatternFriendship Bracelets - Rainbow Arrow Pattern   These friendship bracelets are hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in rainbow color. The length of the woven area is approx. 6" (15cm), 0.8" (2cm) width and the total length is approx....

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Crochet Tofu Birdie

Category : Amigurumi, Crochet

Crochet Tofu BirdieCrochet Tofu Birdie – Cleaning & clearing up my craft cabinet, I found all my old workpieces. There is this group of cute cubic little animals that I called them the “Tofu Family”. Why Tofu?? Tofu in Mandarin is bean curd. Everyone one in the animal family are in shape of cube.

Making them are not that difficult but to think of the design is a tedious work. I have to make sure every design looked like what I want them to be. After the designing, what can the finished product used for? I found that this tofu animals can give it for toddlers to play with. Every it of the animal is stuff with polyfil and it is washable. It can be a key chain after adding on some keychain accessories.


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