“What color is a rabbit?” When you ask this, mostly you will get “white”. Why bunny has to be white?

Bunny can be any colours. I had crocheted an amigurumi bunny in rainbow colours.

It looks weird but in my world, anything can be any colours you like them to be. Sometimes from the colours it shows the mood of the day.

I have made a red amigurumi bunny and a pink one.

Flo is the red bunny who likes to wander around the field. She likes flowers and specially red flowers.

Hope that someone can adopt her, keep her in your garden and she will help you to

look after your beautiful garden.

Flo is a 100% acrylic yarn crochet bunny. She is approx. 4″ (10cm) tall from bottom till her ears. Her head is approx. 2.5″ (6.25cm)width.

The flowery fabric on her ears and soles are hand-stitched using blanket stitch. Her eyes and the rest of the parts are all hand-stitched on. Flo is filled with poly-fil.