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New Colours Match. IDEAS. NEW COLOURS. While doing a multi-colours friendship bracelet (sorry for the untidy background with all the colour codes for different bracelets. Only I can understand. lol), I found out a few colours...

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Friendship Bracelet Patterns - Blue Gradient Arrow PatternFriendship Bracelet Patterns - Blue Gradient Arrow... This friendship bracelet patterns is one of my favourite. It is hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in gradient shades of blue, black and white color. The length of the woven area is approx....

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Colours in your BraceletsColours in your Bracelets What a day! Making a new friendship bracelet today, the colours of the bracelet that I matched looks ..... not the look that I want. Matching colours is important in making a friendship bracelet. People...

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Friendship Bracelets - Rainbow Arrow PatternFriendship Bracelets - Rainbow Arrow Pattern   These friendship bracelets are hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in rainbow color. The length of the woven area is approx. 6" (15cm), 0.8" (2cm) width and the total length is approx....

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Created a New Friendship Bracelet Pattern.


Category : Friendship Bracelet

Rabbit Friendship Bracelet Pattern

After making so many friendship bracelets, I find my skill has improved. My next course is to create my own bracelet pattern.

There are mainly three types of bracelet patterns : –

– The Alpha Pattern,

– the Normal Pattern and

– the Kumihimo Pattern.

In my opinion, alpha pattern is easiest to create and easiest to follow (using two colors). You can create pictures and alphabets for alpha pattern.

Kumihimo pattern is braided on a kumihimo wheel or disc instead of flat, and the bracelet will be in round instead of flat. For kumihimo pattern, as long as the threads are placed at the correct slots and the exchange of the threads are correct, the kumihimo bracelet will looked like what you expected. The most complicated pattern will be the normal pattern ( It don’t really looks normal!). There are a number of knots you need to know before you started to make them.

My Friendship Bracelet Collection – Zig Zag Pattern

Category : Friendship Bracelet

Zig Zag Pattern Friendship Bracelet | PinkI was referring to my old Friendship Bracelet Pattern book today and this particular pattern caught my eyes -Zig Zag Pattern. Tried making one and it took me about 2 continuous hours to complete. I find it easier this time as compared to my first attempt .

My next attempt is to do with more colours.

I will come out with the pattern sheet and if anyone is interested to make one for themselves or as a gift, I’m willing to share.

Your comment is most welcome if you like my work.

Zig Zag Pattern Friendship Bracelet | Pink Zig Zag Pattern Friendship Bracelet | Green Yellow Red

Friendship Bracelet Challenge!!

Category : Friendship Bracelet

18 strings friendship braceletI had participated in friendship bracelet challenge. A few patterns in different levels are given to us and we just have to make it within the given time. This time due to Christmas holidays, therefore we are given 4 weeks instead of the regular challenge only one week. More patterns to choose from. I have pick an advance level pattern. It is a real challenge for me. This is the first time using 18 strings for normal pattern. At the beginning of making the bracelet, I keep on pulling the wrong thread. If you didn’t realized it fast, you have to untie a few rows of the pattern. This will be the most tedious work to do when making a bracelet. This bracelet took me two days to complete. It is a good try for me and I will like to go for more difficult patterns.

Friendship Bracelet – yellow, teal and orange Braided Pattern


Category : Friendship Bracelet


This Braided Pattern friendship bracelet is hand-woven using cotton embroidery floss in brown, orange, yellow and teal color.

The length is approx. 7.5″ (18.5cm). A gold plastic button at one end as a fastener and a loop at the end.


It can be used as a bracelet, anklet, bookmark, keychain etc.